What is Recuva?

This is a free software which was developed by an English company Piriform, whose headquarters are in London. The word Piriform means in the form of a pear, in the English jargon is related to "not going as expected" popular phrase of the place. We can also find in their catalogue CCleaner, Defraggler and Speccy, which are part of the Recuva family.

So Recuva is software in which you can find the files you have deleted from your trash and now want to get back to you. So this program can be catalogued with the greatest lifesaver you could have when it comes to solving this kind of problem. Also, Recuva is free software, which means that all normal users, you and I, can install it for absolutely nothing.

It is also one of the things that people who have used Recuva say are good reviews about which highlight the good work of this program. Many of the people loved the versatility of the program in doing their jobs. It has a very intuitive user interface so each of us doesn't have any problems with which to thwart this important task.

How does Recuva work?

Recuva works by performing a scan of our devices that are connected at the time of the scan. By scanning all of these drives for all unreferenced, untagged files. Extracting files that were recently deleted and not rewritten again. Taking advantage of this time gap from the moment the file was deleted.

The program finds those files with those characteristics and shows them back to you on the screen. And you just have to identify it and save it back to where you want to use it again.

How do you use Recuva?

The way to use it is very easy, if you want to learn how to do it you can click HERE. But to give yourself a day and not read another post, you will only have to do the following things. Download it from the following link HERE, configure it to your needs and that's it. Click on the box that says "START", Recuva waits to scan all the storage units that you have connected in your PC.

On what devices can I use Recuva?

Recuva is a program that you can get for Microsoft Windows. You can also get it for your Android devices. But if you are a Mac user, you can access this link to find out how to do it if you own a Mac [HERE]. So that all the people who have this problem have the best alternatives so that they can recover their files that have been lost by accident, being our fault or due to situations that were not under our control.

I can also tell you that Recuva has a portable version which does not require any kind of permissions and does not need to be licensed. This is ideal if you want to recover files on computers that are not near you. You only need to bring a USB drive to carry the executable.

So Recuva is an excellent option for those emergencies, in which we delete something unintentionally due to hardship. And this is the recommended program for you to get it back.

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