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What are miscellaneous files?

Many times you might have noticed that your device becomes slow and that causes you a lot of discomfort. That's why today I come to tell you about the miscellaneous files, the main causes of the deficiency that many mobile devices and computers present after spending some time using them. Undoubtedly, it is something that happens to everyone when we are using our device, whether we are using the browser or in a game where we are winning and we see that they become slow, with lags or the mobile freezes without knowing why.

All this is because in our device there are residual files that other applications have left without us knowing they are there. Making our device has to do twice as much work to find the files that if you want to get. It's like a person looking for a blue shirt in a laundry basket with lots of old colored shirts that you no longer use and that are just obstacles. So that's what our devices have to do when they have to access your memory.

This being one of the important factors so you have to keep a real check on these types of files that are detrimental to performance. But today you will learn how to delete it in very simple ways that you can do without complications, in a few steps.

How to delete miscellaneous files?

To begin with we must know where we have to go to delete them. We can find the main places where we usually find files from applications that we might use only once or that we use from time to time.


Files, is the first place where you can go in search of these forgotten and unusable files. Just find the area where the files are stored by the applications you have on your mobile device. This step may vary depending on whether you have iOS or Android. When you find your application listings, look at the name and try to identify the application folders you no longer have installed, which will be a good sign for you to delete it since it would have no business being there.


Browsers, this is another place that automatically decides to save files by itself that when they get together over time tend to weigh down as they accumulate and cause the above mentioned. and they are the so-called cookies and cache. There is no denying that they help us to load the websites we visit quickly once they are loaded on our device, all for when we want to visit them again.

But when you visit a website that you entered unintentionally or that you only used once in your life, I think it is unnecessary to have those files from these websites in our terminal. So you only need to do the following to get a better performance:

  • Access the three points that usually have browsers.
  • Enter Settings.
  • Enter Privacy.
  • Delete navigation data.

In this last section you will find boxes where you can check what you want to delete, but if you have passwords stored in the browser, you could uncheck them to keep them.

But if you don't have time to perform these actions or you want to make it even easier. You could download some applications such as CCleaner or similar applications to perform this task.

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