Recuva doesn't recognize my cell phone

More than once each of us has deleted a photograph, video or some important document due to the rush we may have. And this happens more times than we can imagine, but many of them are files that are not so relevant. But what if it happens to one that does? This changes the whole game from that sentence. Since the urgency with which we're going to need this file back with us, is much greater.

And you go on the Internet to see if you can get your files back, see if you can solve this problem. When you find Recuva on our website, you celebrate that you can solve it and you go quickly to download them from here. Proceed to install it, click next, next and the program is installed. Find your USB cable and connect it to your mobile phone. But you see that nothing happens and you enter in anguish because the hope you had was foamed.

I want you to do a little step-by-step check to make sure all the steps are OK. You can check the installation process from here. Now that you've done the installation correctly. You can now go to your file browser to enter "My Computer", "This Computer" or "My Computer" that already depends on the operating system you are using. So now you just have to wait for your computer to recognize it, if that happens you will get a warning that your device has been identified.

You could also verify that your device is connected as external or mass storage, you can check it from the notification bar of your mobile, it is usually always at the bottom when you unfold the bar. This allows your PC to access the device's memory so that Recuva can do its job properly.

I connect my phone to my computer with a USB cable and it doesn't recognize it.

This is one of the cases that rarely happens, that you go with your USB cable connected to your mobile and plug it into your PC, but it doesn't recognize it, it doesn't skip any notice of a successful connection. This is why it is something that many of us despair over when we want to recover those files as soon as possible.

So to verify and try to solve that failure you can do the following:

  • Go to your file browser.
  • Right click on this computer and click on Properties.
  • Click on Device Manager, here in this section you will find a list of all the devices that are connected to your PC. You have to find the section where it says "Other devices" in which you will find your phone.

A yellow symbol should appear next to the name of our device, indicating that there is a problem with the connection between your mobile device and your PC. So you must right click and hit "Update driver" and "Search for drivers automatically" and wait for the files to download to recognize the device. You can close the window. And if everything went well, in the same "Device Manager" window, you will find another line called "Portable devices" which indicates that you succeeded.

So now you can use Recuva as normal and you can recover that file you want so badly.

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