Recover files from a damaged USB and Repair Flash Drive

In this basic instruction exercise we will give you how you can recover documents from a damaged usb quickly and completely free.

The initial step we will take is to recover the damaged usb records, before executing any other activity that could make them completely lost, and once we have that secure information, we will continue fixing the Flash Drive if it is critical. This is significant in case you need to figure out how to recover data from a Flash Drive in light of the fact that numerous individuals reverse the means and end up pulverizing the information forever.

Recovering files from USB

The main thing you need to do is download Recuva, which is, as we just said, a totally free document recovery program that has renditions for Windows, Mac and also Portable, you can discover all the data on our main page.

Once you have downloaded and inserted it, you need to run it with the usb you have with the damaged records embedded in your PC and run Recuva. The main thing you will see when you open the program is a wizard, where you will have the option of choosing the type of documents you need to recover:

In case you need to scan something, you can touch different records in the base.

Here you have to indicate how you need to recover the data.

Here you have to choose the pendrive and press immediately and on the screen that appears I prescribe you to use the deep investigation, in light of the fact that although it will take more time, you will discover substantially more data than if we selected essentially the quick scan. It is a procedure that is based on the space that the damaged USB has and the information to be recovered, however it does not usually take more than 10 minutes.

You will then see all the records you can recover:

In case they are in green it means that everything can be recovered, it can also be in yellow that can be very well recovered however it is not protected and in red that is unrecoverable.

Currently we can seal everything we need and then click on recover:

It will tell us where we should save the recovered data, we select any envelope and it will return the documents to us in the place we have chosen.

Obviously, the way to recover documents from a usb is quick, easy and, most importantly, free, so if you need to, you can download Recuva from our own site and get started right away.

Repair Damaged Pendrive

It can also be the situation where we associate our USB or Pendrive to the PC and we can't use it because, for example, we get an error message on the screen that we can't find the organization or some other, however, whatever it is, try not to panic in light of the fact that you have an answer and we'll give it to you next.

The most important thing is to associate the drive that is bothering you to the PC legitimately to the USB port, and right after that open the convenient CMD command known as Command Prompt. This last activity should be done as a PC supervisor.

The moment you are there, a window will appear for you to enter text, and you must enter the companion:


When you do so, press Enter and then type in the accompaniment:

list plate

Press the Enter key again to execute the activity we ask you to perform in the framework and you will see a summary of the gadgets you currently have associated with the PC. It will show the USB circle that you have associated and also the hard disk that is inside the PC, since it is also a capacity unit. It is anything but difficult to differentiate between the two, essentially by looking at the size of the circle, in any case, the hard disk will be consistently #0 and the flash drive #1.

At this point you should rewrite a request that looks like the following:

select board 1

With this we are choosing the USB stick that we need to fix. The moment we press Enter we have it chosen and we can compose the accompaniment:


After pressing Enter once more, the USB drive will be completely fixed. Currently we need to make a segment for it to work properly once more, and for that we need to enter this order:

create partition primary

Now the partition will have been created and what we will have to do is type the following command to activate it:


Now we have to give it the format that suits us best and we are done, we can choose between Fat32 or NTFS depending on our needs, for each of them the commands are the following:

format fs=Fat32

format fs=NTFS

If everything went well, in the first step you will have been able to recover your deleted files from the USB and then you will have repaired your Flash Drive without any problems.

We hope that this tutorial has been useful to you.

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