Operating System Definition What exactly is it?

When we refer to the operating system we must emphasize that it is the most important software of our computer or any intelligent device because thanks to it we can run multiple programs or applications because without it nothing of what we know now would work, that is to say that the operating system is constantly interacting with us. This operating system is responsible for performing functions that we do whenever we use any computer or other device for example is the one that lets us use the keyboard naturally, and controls all devices that have connected.;

In many circumstances it often happens that the computer system is much larger than the operating system so it makes it more enhanced, for example lets users can make an interaction between documents and networks without interfering with each other.

Types of operating systems

We have a lot of diversity in the operating systems so we can classify them as follows:

Multi-user: These operating systems are characterized by allowing two or more users to use the same program at the same time, some go further and allow thousands of users to connect at once, and also allow connecting clients with employees to interact.;

  • Multiprocessor: This is useful so we can open the same programs in the same CPU.
  • Multitasking: This allows us to execute many programs at the same time.
  • Multistretch: This one allows that several parts of the same program can be running simultaneously.

Real time: And this one makes it respond to the inputs that are made in real time, there are systems like Dos or Unix that do not work in real time.;

How does an operating system work?

It is known as the most basic part of the software, it makes the computer work properly and allows us to install programs or even games, so we can achieve any task we need, in fact the programming languages are based on some specific operating systems, that's why Windows applications do not work the same on a Mac. Although there are exceptions of apps that work in multiple OS but it is not very common.;

How do you use an operating system?

Previously it was very common to interact with the O.S. through commands, using the console, although now it is no longer necessary, since we have a graphic interface that allows us to perform tasks or activities an easier way.;

Which are the most used operating systems?

Nowadays there are two hierarchies in terms of operating systems and we are talking about Windows and Mac OS. Microsofts operating systems are usually installed in PCs although there is also the possibility of doing so in Apple machines, just as MacOS is installed in Macintosh but can be installed in PC's.

In addition there is not only Mac Os and Windows, we also have a very common operating system called Linux which is open source and belongs to the Unix family, the latter offers many versions which are known as distributions, which have been developed by different companies always starting from its original source code.;

We also have to mention that operating systems are also used in Smartphones where we have a born leader called Google with its Android operating system which has been based on Linux, it is closely followed by Apple, and far below we have Windows puts.;

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