How to recover files deleted from your computer with Recuva

In the vast majority of people who are working with computers, it has happened to us that we have deleted some data by mistake. This could be work files, photos, videos, pdf documents or any other file. And you're giving it up because it doesn't sound logical that it can be recovered after DELETED. Or if ?

That's why today, precisely today, you can get this great news which will make your body hopeful again. Because it is very easy to recover our files with Recuva, a great program that you can go to in those emergencies where you have to bring back from the dead those files that you have deleted.

You can start by downloading Recuva from this link [HERE]. After downloading, you can run the program.

You will find this image, select the language and click on Install.

After the necessary files are installed, click on "RUN RECUVA"

You will see this box, in which you will have to click "Next"

Now it shows you this message, where you can select what type of file you are looking for. This will make the search faster as it will only search for files of that type. But if you don't know, you can leave a check mark in "ALL FILES".

Now you will see this screen where Recuva asks you where you lost the files. But also if you don't know where it was you can easily leave the option "I'm not sure" checked.

Now all you have to do is click on "START", you can check the deep scan box.

After clicking, the program will start scanning the drives connected to your computer.

When you are in this part you have three situations that you will have to take into account. And they are the red, yellow and green circles which indicate the status of the files.

The red color represents that the file cannot be recovered, the yellow color is that the file is damaged, but can be recovered and finally the green color is that the file is perfectly fine and can be recovered without problems.

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