How to recover files deleted from the Recycle Bin?

This is one of the situations many of us have encountered more than once in our lives. When we accidentally delete a file or simply need to get back that file that we had already discarded. But we right clicked and deleted. Does this mean that file is lost forever? And the answer is NO.

The trash can icon is one of the most iconic in the world of computing because it is found on almost every operating system independently. And over the years it has suffered aesthetic changes but fulfilling its function as being the last instance where a file was before being completely deleted. But a doubt arises with this sentence.

Can a file be completely deleted from our PC?

And the answer is again no. I'll explain you how this whole situation works, the files that you can see in the trash can after emptying do not disappear as if by magic. These instead just stop being visible to us but are still there only that the holes this file used to occupy are available again for the system to write to if it needs to. Which it couldn't before because it respects its disk space when the file was useful and we saw it.

Now let's go back and talk a little about the trash in our PC's. The trash can can be configured to have a certain capacity to store the files you send in it, usually by default it is configured to hold 4 GB of files. Of which you can expand or reduce as your needs, but it is not recommended that you expand it so much to reach the capacity of the HDD, SSD and M.2 that you have already this action would cause the team to become slow.

How do I recover files from the Recycle Bin?

This is one of the situations where the gods are on our side. Because if you have sent any file to the trash by accident, you have a simple solution. You just have to realize you're sorry:

  • You go into the trash.
  • You look for the file you want to recover (In case there are many files you could use the search engine to type the name of the file).
  • Right click and click on Restore.

And that would be the way to get a file out of the recycle bin, so it is not a problem for anyone this kind of circumstances. But now let's look at others where you have already emptied the bin completely and there are no other files.

How to recover files deleted from the Recycle Bin?

In this case you have already emptied all your trash and there are no more files left to restore like the previous case. Is it a lost case? As I told you in the beginning, NO.

Since the files are not deleted permanently, but not everything is going well.

Because if you deleted these files a year ago, the system has probably rewritten over them and there is nothing to do anymore. So we always suggest that if you want to recover a file, don't let the time go by to implement that method.

Recover deleted files with recuva.

As a team of this website we work to bring you this fantastic software which helps thousands of people with problems just like yours where they have accidentally deleted files from the recycle bin and now can not recover them. This software will help us to be able to recover easily and quickly the files that are still recoverable. If your files are still in that area, Recuva can recover them for you.

So we'll show you how you can recover them with Recuva with these simple steps:

  • Of course, you will need to download Recuva [Click here]
  • Once you have the installation file downloaded to your computer, start the installation process, select the language you prefer and click on INSTALL. The installer will start downloading the necessary files for the program.
  • You will instantly see a box that will allow you to start the program in search of deleted files.
  • Check the "Do not show this wizard at startup" box and then check the next box.
  • Leave "All Files" selected.
  • After you see a section on "File location" you can choose to leave it at "Not sure" and then next.
  • Now just click on "Start".
  • Now you will be shown all the files that can be recovered, so you have to look for it in that list and check the box next to it and click on the "Recover" box and indicate where you want to save the file.


The files that are circled in red are not recoverable since they were rewritten.

You can click on "Switch to Advanced Mode" to have a search engine to find your file more easily and quickly.

And that's all friends you have to do to recover the files deleted from our computers' trash.

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