How to recover deleted Excel files?

Excel is one of the programs recognized in the world of office work, as it is a powerful tool. Everyone who has ever had any notion of office automation knows what Excel is and knows how to do at least a simple sum in this great Microsoft program. It can be used for various control and registration tasks and is therefore the main source of popularity. In addition, this program has a useful functionality and that is the automatic saving that allows us to have a greater control of the files in which we are working.

This function makes a saving in a certain time, everything so that if something unexpected happens you can get the file back. So this is one of the things that makes it almost rare that you can lose a file.

How do you retrieve a file not saved correctly due to an accident?

This applies when you open a file that you have already created before and did not save the last changes. It usually happens when the computer unexpectedly shuts down. And more than many of us have experienced this problem, so here's what you should do.

You must enter again the file we were working on, in the most recent versions you will see a box on the side where you will see the cars saved in which you will only click to verify that it is the most recent version of the work you were doing. And that's it, you get almost all the work back, I mean almost, since many times you don't save parts, since between the time the last save was made and the time the accident happened, you can't recover it.

But if this solution is not enough for you. You could easily use Recuva, which you can download from our website [Download here]. This is one of the best tools you can have to recover any file that has been deleted by accident or without your consent. So today you have a powerful tool that will help you in the office when you suffer from these mishaps.

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