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It always happens at some point in life, we have files, photos or any other document and we delete it by mistake, or maybe we do it consciously but later regret it and have no idea what to do to get it back.

The first thought that invades our mind is to go to a professional, although we do not want to leave anyone unemployed, recovering files from your computer is so easy that you can do it yourself without major complications.

We must also take into account that all over the Internet there are many paid programs that allow us to do this task, but we consider it a very bad investment, firstly because we can download recuva portable for free, secondly because it is a tool that anyone can use you do not need to be an expert, and thirdly because you can recover virtually any file, photo or document that perhaps you already gave for lost.

With Recuva you can recover photos, music, videos, work documents, files, emails, in other words, any file that was previously on your hard drive, and to give you an extra bonus you can use it not only on your computer but also to recover files deleted from your usb or cell phone.

Is there a difference between the portable recuva and the normal recuva?

Before mentioning the differences we want you to know that at the end of this article we will leave you the download link in the portable version. Well, the portable versions of any program will always be known as "Portable Applications".

What makes them different is that in this case the normal recuva version would have to be installed, while the portable version can be opened without being previously installed.

The advantages of the portable versions are that they can be carried on a disk, or on a USB drive, and you can open them on any computer so that you can take them to your office or to a friend's computer without having to install them and fill up the hard drive of that computer much more.

Another advantage is that the portable version is that if you do not have an Internet connection can easily open the program without the need to google to download and install it.

So there is no longer any doubt about recovering important files that have been deleted, but always remember that the faster you use recuva the faster you can recover lost files because if you take too long they will end up overwritten and you will not be able to do the recovery successfully.

Although we have spoken very well of portable recuva, it should be noted that there are other software that are very useful to us for users who are very advanced because they have options that are simply not necessary for a standard person and also add that they are paid. Recuva however can help you and is very easy to use unlike more advanced programs.

Finally, we only advise you to always have this program on your computer, as many professionals have said that it should even come installed by default on our computer, so here is the download link so that you can carry Recuva on any pendrive in case there is a problem and you can solve it as quickly as possible.


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