Download recuva for Windows 7,8,10 (Pc)

If you are in this section you have probably lost some files or documents that were important to you, it does not matter if they are photos, music, Excel or Word documents as there is a solution for which we ask for peace of mind because we will show you the program that will remove that headache and best of all it is that it is completely free, that is to say that without paying you will have at your disposal the best software to recover deleted files in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

What is recuva and what is it for?

Recuva is a program that works for recovering files that have been previously deleted by mistake, or for any other reason. It can be used on Windows, android or other external memory cards.

Imagine that the program is free, and in addition it does not have publicity that sometimes can get to be very annoying, can be used immediately when it has been installed and in addition without paying nor a cent.

Recuva is such an indispensable program that we have even asked ourselves why Microsoft does not include it by default in its programs once Windows has been installed.

What files can I recover with Recuva for Windows?

This is the best of all worlds and we believe our answer will leave you enthralled as recuva allows you to recover any file, from photos, music, videos, office documents, etc. And not only recovers files that are on the hard drive of your Windows but also lets you recover files from external memory cards such as USB, external hard drives, files from your cell phone android ect.

Recuva has two types of scans:

- Normal scan

- Deep Scanning

In short what it does is that in the normal scan if the files have not been sent to the deepest parts of the hard disk you can easily recover them, otherwise you need to perform the deep scan which is very effective.

How does recuva work?

Once the scan has finished the program shows us a preview of the programs to be recovered so that we can choose where we want them to be saved, and we can also indicate if we want to recover only one file or if on the contrary we want to recover many at once.

Another of the functions that this program offers us is that we can use filters, for example we can tell it to recover files that are only in one path, or we can also tell it to filter them by names, if we have difficulties to find our files we can export a txt where we can read the paths and locate our documents more easily.

One option that this program gives us, which by the way is very little known and very little mentioned, is that it allows us to permanently delete a file that we want to be deleted and that cannot be recovered, what it does is to write on the cluster of the hard disk and thus guarantees that this file will not be recovered again.

So we can say that we can use recuva in two reasons:

Assisted mode: In this mode the program asks us a series of questions such as the name of the file, what type it was, exact path, among other questions which is ideal for people who are not so advanced or have little previous knowledge.

Normal mode: If you consider yourself an advanced user this option will be ideal for you, because you will be able to do many things with this method, which has a little more difficulty, but also gives you more alternatives.

Recover lost files in Windows

So said all the above we can say that download recuva for Windows is the best way to recover files especially because this program is free and works on all versions of Windows either Windows xp, Windows 7,8,10 and many more.

While it is true that there are payment programs with very advanced options recuva is very simple to use even for a person who has no previous knowledge, and we can recover any kind of files from both the internal hard drive and external hard drive, usb or even files from your cell phone simply by connecting it to your computer.

Download recuva free for Windows


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