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Recuva is a very good program, which is very useful to recover files that we have deleted by accident, also works not only with the computer but also with the cell phone and external memory cards, the bad news we want to give you today is that recuva does not have a version for Mac, however we want to show you some programs that work the same way and that like recuva are completely free.

Since we can not download recuva for mac we want to tell you that if you want to recover deleted files on mac are very lucky because we will give you many alternatives that although we do not mention all among the most prominent include: Boomerang data recovery for mac, magicCute data recovery for mac, MiniTool mac data recovery, virtualLab for mac, wondershare data recovery for mac and alsoft diskwarrior.

Programs to recover deleted files on mac.

Boomerang Data Recovery

Boomerang Data Recovery software for mac is a program that will recover lost data due to corruption, intentionally and unintentionally deleted files, and can be used on the following platforms: Mac OS, Mac Pro, iPhone, iPod and USB drives. Recovers: HFS/HFS+, NFS and FAT 16/32 Volumes It's easy to use but has a deep analysis.

Download Boomerang Data Recovery

MagicCute Data recovery for mac

MagicCute Data recovery is a software that will allow us to recover deleted and formatted data, it is unlimited compared to its previous versions, you don't have to be an expert to use it, the bad thing is that its cheaper versions only allow to recover data from the disk of our mac and files recently deleted from the recycle bin.

Download magicCute data recovery

MiniTool mac data recovery

MniTool mac data recovery is a more complex software than the previous ones, since it allows us to work on physically damaged hard disks. The disadvantage we have with this program is that it does not work with the Os X 10.5 version of the operating system and the speed at which it explores is very slow.

Download Minitool mac data recovery

VirtualLab for Mac OS X

VirtualLab for Mac OS X is the most widely used software and will let you recover files deleted from your Mac and even your iPod.

Download VirtualLab

Wondershare data recovery for mac.

This software is the most popular among mac users, it has a trial version that will let you search for unlimited deleted files but will only let you recover 100mb of all the files it finds.

Download Wondershare

Alsoft Disk Warrior

This program will let you recover photos, videos, music, and any document that you have deleted, its interface is very easy to use and has a technical support.

So these are the best alternatives we have found, since we can not download recuva for mac we believe these can be the substitute.

Download Alsoft

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