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Now in these times the cell phones have become an indispensable part for us, that is to say that they accompany us in any activity that we realize, for example to take photos, to record videos, to save documents and now in these times we can say that even to make tiktoks, practically we have stored in them a great part of our life that if for some reason they are erased we can enter serious problem.

Our purpose is to teach you some of the possible solutions to this uncomfortable problem, either because you have deleted documents without wanting or no matter what the reason, first to mention that there are some applications that can be useful, today we will teach you how to download recuva for android we will teach you how to use it and thus be helpful.

How to download recuva for android and recover files without being root?

As a first point I will comment that it means to be root if you do not know, android is an operating system and its kernel is based on Linux and in this operating system a super user is called root, ie he can perform actions that do not make any simple user because it has privileged permissions that runs throughout the system. Also ask for peace of mind because it is very easy to recover files deleted with android if you follow the steps that we will teach.

This helps us when removing restrictions that have the devices from the factory, to achieve this you must perform a series of actions to make our cell phone is rotated, this is very useful for users who are very advanced as they can execute other commands or other properties that a normal user could not, if you are not a super user, you should not be afraid because you can recover files deleted from android with recuva.

Recuva is normally used by users to recover deleted files that are on their computer, however we can also use it for an android device simply by connecting our device to the computer and performing each of the steps that we will show you below. At the end of this article we will leave you the link where you can download it with a simple click emphasizing that this program is completely free.

First we must connect our android device to our computer by the usb cable, this program not only allows you to recover files from your hard drive but also from other external hard drives or pendrives or in short no matter what device we connect to our computer recuva always help us.

Once we have downloaded recuva which you have to do from our main page you have to install it on your device, and do the following:

- To start make sure the device is in file transfer mode, if you have doubts, go to settings - storage and then above where they are three dots choose USB mode, (this may change depending on the brand and model of the smarphone).

  • Open recuva
  • He'll ask you what kind of file you're looking for.
  • It will then allow you to select where the file should be and that's where we need to select the android device.
  • For best results it is important to do a deep scan.
  • This can take some time, especially if you have to search through many files, the scan mode or other additional factors.
  • Then you will appreciate a list of all the files you can recover, select a folder on your computer to save them there.

And as promised is debt here is our button so you can download recuva for android


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