Where are the downloads stored in android?

It usually happens that we download a file voluntarily or involuntarily and later when we want to do something with it, we do not know where it has been saved, but do not worry this time we will show you the exact location where the downloads are saved in android so you can perform the action you need with these files.

The vast majority of people think they need to connect the device to the computer and although you can locate the downloads that way, there are other very simple options and without the need to use the computer, our android phone gives us a very accessible folder called downloads.

Where is the downloads folder in android?

It looks like an app called download or sometimes it can also be called my files, no matter if it is a Tablet, a Samsung etc, we can always locate it very easily.

In previous versions of the android system we have also realized that only bring the file manager that is the same as the previous on the desktop of android, what we will do once we access it is browse the folders to find the one called downloads is usually in the root but may vary depending on versions.

Download astro file manager for android

We can also suggest you, in case you still don't know where the downloaded files are, to use this app that is accessible in the play store, it will let you navigate through the whole root of your files and look for the name of the downloads folder.

Yes, but where exactly is the downloads folder located?

You can choose to access the path directly, either because you will be connecting your android to the computer, so it is important to know it so you are not browsing all the folders and wasting time.

The folder is located in the following address (although it can vary):

  • /sdcard/download
  • /sdcard0/download (if stored in internal memory)
  • /sdcard1 (if stored on the microSD card)

And sometimes they can also be found in the following path: /storage/emulated/0/download, plus you don't need to remember all the addresses. Remember that the file managers shown above will be more than enough to guide you to that folder.

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