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You've probably lost files from your computer, cell phone or even your Tablet for whatever reason.

Relax, because now we want to introduce you to recuva, one of the best programs that exist for the recovery of files or important data and to give you a much greater joy to tell you that you can download recuva completely free, thanks to this software you can recover files that have been deleted even permanently, something important considering that there are other programs that are not able to do that task when the operating system marks the space as free, however recuva will be that program that will get you out of trouble.

Such is the power of this program that not only recovers files deleted from your hard drive, but also from usb memories, mp3 players or flash memories.

Recover Files

If you are worried about recovering files, we don't need to mention that you are in the right place, because with this program you can recover files from all the devices you can imagine and the best of all is that it is completely free, and thanks to its easy to use form there is no need to hire a specialist without mentioning the issue of privacy or paying, because with what we are going to show you now only you will be able to observe the files that are recovered, instead if you take it to a technician they will observe all the files that you surely don't want to share with anyone.

To have a clear idea about how these types of software work, first you have to know how the hard drives work on the data, let's see how they work.

Something that few people know is that when we delete files from our hard drive, he does not erase them completely but simply saves them in a non-visible way and deletes them definitively until the drive is completely full and has no more space to continue saving our information, if we reach that situation it will be the only one in which we will not have any chance to recover the files in any way, in the same way you will not know if this has happened until you can download recuva and perform an analysis to appreciate what continues on your hard drive.

Why will I need to recover deleted data?

We have already mentioned it many times throughout our website, there are many possibilities in which it is necessary to recover files for a device, whether it is that you have accidentally deleted important files, we have performed a wrong formatting to a hard drive, there are some possible errors in our operating system, errors with the partitions, or even you may have physically damaged your hard drive by any blow or for another reason.

That is to say that recuva can help us is to recover files erased by failures in the system or by any reason that the disk does not allow us to read the hard disk in an easy way as we have been so accustomed.

How to download recuva to recover files?

Our mission is to help you recover your data in the most immediate way, that's why before you go directly to download we want to give you some tips that will be very useful, although it will seem that we are crazy, not this other go to the recycle bin, because there may be the possibility that your files are in the trash and by the concern your files are in it.

If that was the case, you simply have to right-click on your mouse and select the option that says restore and you'll have it back in the folder where you deleted it.

There are some particular cases where when you right click on the folder where your file was located there is an option called restore previous versions, clicking on that option will allow you to recover all the files you had before.

I need a file recovery software

If all of the above has not worked for you, please remain calm because you are on the right page, as the software we are going to give you for free below will be useful even if all of the above has not worked for you.

Recuva is a program developed by piriform and has all the qualities you need.

  • Recuva lets you recover deleted files.
  • Recuva is easy to use.
  • Recuva is free.
  • Recuva works the same way on many platforms so you can recover. files deleted from your PC, Android, Ios, Usb etc.
  • It also has excellent ratings from multiple Internet users.

Although it may seem strange to us, this software is completely free, has no limitations and has no annoying advertising

Moreover, many computer experts have stressed many times in their blogs that this program has to be installed by default in our Windows.

Final conclusions.

We don't have much to tell you anymore, if you lost by mistake information that is of utmost importance to you, work files, emotional photos from your vacation or maybe from your children when they were young, any file that is important to you, all is not lost.

The advice we can give you is to download this program right now because the more time your drive spends having more information and the less chance you have of recovering your data.

Also recuva is very easy to use, just tell it where your files were, in which folder and if you forgot, don't worry tell recuva to recover all the files on your disk, then just indicate where you want the recovered files to be stored.

To recover only the file you were looking for this software will give you a list with the names of the files that had been deleted and the exact place where they were before you deleted them, it also shows you the size and other details so you can identify it without problems.

You should also consider that in rare cases there are files that have been registered before, if so there is not much you can do.

Visit each section of our website and discover all the possibilities that the software provides in the different operating systems.

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